Say Ey Up to Our New Look!

Say Ey Up to Our New Look!

We decided it was time to freshen up our branding.

The Great Yorkshire Shop was established in 2015 with the passion and pride of Yorkshire at its heart. Thanks to the support of our lovely customers, like you, we have been able to grow and establish our mission of bringing you the best of Yorkshire with our handpicked selection of goods.

Over the years we've had the pleasure of stocking all kinds of Yorkshire goods, and it's been even more amazing to see how our customers have reacted to them. Our shop can be found in the Leeds Corn Exchange, a beautiful and historic building, amongst many other amazing and beautiful local independent businesses.  

To celebrate our growth, and to look to the future, we’ve updated our branding. With the addition of brand new items and an even wider selection of Yorkshire goods, we aim to continue proving that...

There’s Nowt Like a Gift From Yorkshire!

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