Yorkshire House Rules Rustic Wooden Sign

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A great way to add a touch of a Yorkshire humour to your home and garden with this natural wood rustic sign with natural jute string to hang the item.

Features the following house rules - No Chuffin' Swearing, Manners Cost Nowt and Put Wood Int' 'Ole.

No Chuffin' Swearing Meaning
Please do not swear
Manners Cost Nowt Meaning
Manners don't cost any money. So be nice.

Put Wood Int' 'Ole Meaning:
A Yorkshire way to tell someone to shut the door.
"John, it's freezing in 'ere. Put wood int' 'Ole"

Each sign is handmade and completely unique.

The sign is water resistant and durable.

Single sided.

Made from

Natural wood and jute string


175 x 67 mm