T'Gaffers Mug

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A unique cream and black mug featuring the words “T’Gaffers Mug” in a paving stone pattern alongside a lovely illustration of the Yorkshire countryside. This humorous design is a perfect gift for the boss and make a Yorkshire tea connoisseur chuckle.

Full of character and wit, our Yorkieware is the favoured mug of choice for thousands of Yorkshire folk. With a unique quirky sense of humour and shape that is generous stylish and ideal for dunking your favourite biscuit, they are the iconic mug of choice for the discerning tea lovers of Yorkshire.

Designed to accomodate all industry standard sizes of biscuit to deliver years of trouble free dunking, up to and including the 'Wagon Wheel'

Mug comes boxed 


Height 80 mm Width 100 mm

11 fl oz (1/2 pt )

Made From

Cream Earthen Ware originaly invented by Josiah Wedgwood