Secret Yorkshire Dales Book

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An engaging exploration of the hidden history of the Yorkshire Dales including its people and places.

Idyllic and breathtaking, the Yorkshire Dales is one of the most popular and well-known national parks not only in Britain, but throughout the world. Designated a national park in 1954, it attracts millions of visitors each year who are lured there by the spectacular scenery. Then there are historic towns such as Skipton, Settle and Hawes.

Its landscapes are famous and rewarding whilst picturesque chocolate box villages are untouched from a bygone era and yield a life full of character. But there is more to the Dales than meets the eye. With 841 square miles of beauty and things to do, it’s full of hidden gems that show a glimpse of its lesser-known heritage.

In Secret Yorkshire Dales, author Mike Appleton takes the reader on an enlightening and entertaining journey through the park’s past, delving beneath the surface to uncover its secrets. You’ll discover a network of passages that have shaped the landscape above it, learn why the clack of needles was to be feared and hear folk tales from years past. You’ll also find out about hidden kilns and mines, discover why a village had to drive a spike through the heart of a dead man and tread along long-forgotten routes and pathways. Then there are the secret inns, meeting places, notable folk, the intriguing cottage industries and much more that make this area special.


96 pages