Ivory Porcelain Shaving Bowl with Handle

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This classic and smart shaving bowl is made from high-quality ivory colour porcelain, allowing for a secure place to store soap and will ensure products remain dry between shaves.

The handle is a convenient addition that allows the user to grip and hold the product whilst lathering up if desired. Due to the simplicity of the design, this product will look good alongside any other traditional shaving products and will complete the shaving set of any wet shaving enthusiast.

When looked after correctly, the bowl will maintain its quality appearance and functionality for years to come. This makes it a truly great value, low-cost shaving bowl that is designed to stand the test of time.

The top of the bowl has a diameter of approximately 100mm across the top and approximately 65mm at the base. The height is approximately 67mm. Any soaps you have that match these measurements should fit in this bowl comfortably.

Pair up with a quality shaving brush and soap to product the best lather with this bowl.