Hot Lava Java Coffee Bags

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Not for the coffee novice. This extra-dark roast is deliciously powerful.

Proper Coffee Made Easy - Just Add Boiled Water.

Works just like a tea bag but for ground coffee. All the flavour without the mess.

Our clever individually-wrapped bags let the rich, fierce flavours of our super strong, extra dark blend brew perfectly in your cup.

We don't just buy coffee. We work to improve livelihoods, protect landscapes and support thriving communities - facing the future together with our coffee farmers.

Roast 6

10 Bags


To Harrogate from: Indonesia, India & Brazil


Mighty in flavour and caffeine content, this is no lightweight coffee. An extra- dark roast with hints of smoke and black pepper, this could perk up the weariest of eyelids. Or put a spring in the step of the most fatigued of feet. It injects lava in your veins when you need that extra hit of fire.


Coffee (100%)


How to Brew
Add Coffee Bag to Mug
Add Boiled Water
Stir & Squeeze
Brew for 2 Mins
Squeeze Well, Remove & Enjoy


Store in a cool, dry place.

Certified Carbon Neutral product 
Rainforest Alliance