Flying Start Coffee Bags

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Turn a rude awakening into a glorious invitation with the promise of dark chocolate and hazelnut.

Proper Coffee Made Easy - Just Add Boiled Water.

Works just like a tea bag but for ground coffee. All the flavour without the mess.

Our clever individually-wrapped bags let this heroic dark roast ground coffee kick-start your day with rousing flavours of dark chocolate and hazelnut.

We don't just buy coffee. We work to improve livelihoods, protect landscapes and support thriving communities - facing the future together with our coffee farmers.

Roast 5

10 Bags


To Harrogate from: Latin America and East Africa.


The alarm clock has announced that the kettle is on standby and a cup awaits your coffee bag. Filled with a ground roast rich in dark chocolate and hazelnut, there’s no better way to begin a productive day.


Arabica Coffee (100%)


How to Brew
Add Coffee Bag to Mug
Add Boiled Water
Stir & Squeeze
Brew for 2 Mins
Squeeze Well, Remove & Enjoy


Store in a cool, dry place.

Certified Carbon Neutral product 
Rainforest Alliance