Our Tiny Bees

Our Tiny Bees make all-natural skincare that's good for you and good for British bees.

They believe in better results from better ingredients – meaning you can enjoy naturally effective skincare, free from synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals. Something your body will thank you for.

All products are 100% natural, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. All-natural ingredients... better for you, and the world around you. Using 100% natural ingredients like nut oils and seed butters, as well as essential oils.

Made in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

  1. Beeswax and Honey Lip Balm
  1. Soap #3 Lime / Lemon / Sweet Orange
  1. Soap #4 Lavender
  1. Soap #5 Juniper / Lemon / Cedarwood
  1. Soap #6 Ylang Ylang / Lavender / Lemon
  1. Soap #9 Peppermint / Spearmint / Tea Tree
  1. Soap #10 Vetiver / Patchouli / Cedarwood
  1. Lavender Bath Melt
  1. Floral Bath Melt
  1. Citrus Bath Melt
  1. Mini Sensitive Gift Set
  1. Mini Lavender Gift Set
  1. Mini Floral Gift Set
  1. Mini Citrus Gift Set
  1. Mini Mum & Baby Gift Set