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Get Your Caffeine Kick With Our New Coffee!

Get Your Caffeine Kick With Our New Coffee!

Complete your day with our brand new range of coffees. Taking inspiration from the history of cities around Yorkshire, we created three beautiful blends; Danum, Jorvik and Leodis.

Complete your day with our brand new range of blend and single origin coffees. Taking inspiration from the history of cities around Yorkshire, we created three beautiful blends; Danum, Jorvik and Leodis.

Our Danum blend takes inspiration from the Romans occupation of Doncaster, they built a fort on the banks of river Don, then called Danu, they called it Danum, meaning ‘the place or river called Danu’. The Romans often used local names for their forts and they did the same with Danu, linking their new authority with local traditions. Our Danum blend is reminiscent of the river with a mellow, smooth-body and the fruity, caramel flavour echoes the power and riches of the Romans.

Our Jorvik Blend is a rich full-bodied coffee. Its chocolatey flavour is accompanied by a hint of almond and a mild citrus acidity.
The inspiration comes from the old norse name for York. When the Vikings settled in York they interpreted Eoforwic, the Anglo-Saxon name for the city which is thought to mean ‘wild boar settlement’, as Jorvik. The influence the Vikings had can still be seen all over the city in its street names. The rich, chocolatey tones of this coffee also harken back to York’s influential chocolate history.

Leodis is a blend of fine quality, 100% arabica coffee, we took inspiration from Leodis, what is thought to be the Old English or Celtic name for the region that would become Leeds, another variation of the name, Loidis, is still used today in the noun Loiner, which is used to describe someone from Leeds. This blend takes coffee back to its essential flavours, with its smooth, rich flavour and a moderate acidity.

Our single origin coffees have an equally rich history, from Brazil, Colombia and Honduras, we wanted to showcase the world's best coffee.

Brazil's tropical climate and rich soils make it perfect for growing high-quality coffee! Yet, the seeds that Brazil's coffee sprouted from had to be smuggled across the border from French Guiana in 1727. As the story goes, Portuguese Lt. Col. Francisco del Melo Palheta seduced the Guianese's governor's wife, she gave him a bouquet of flowers which hid coffee seeds, he was able to use this bouquet to smuggle the seeds into Brazil. Now Brazil is home to several microclimates and innovative approaches to the growing process has led to new and unique flavours that are adored around the world!

Coffee was introduced to Colombia in the early 1700s by Jesuit priests, the first seeds were planted in the Northeast but soon spread through the country, its rich soils and wet climate meant it was the perfect crop for small, family farms. It took Colombia around a century before they started exporting coffee, with demand from the USA, Germany and France growing, Colombia seized the opportunity and they haven't looked back since. It is a country that takes a great amount of pride in their coffee, they even have a National Coffee Park, Parque del Cafe, which was founded in 1995 and celebrates coffee and its history with it.

Less than a century ago, Honduras was known for its bananas, now it is making waves in the coffee world! While it was originally cultivated by a few small-scale farmers, support from other countries allowed farmers to expand their production and improve the countries infrastructure! Honduras has faced many highs and lows over the past century but it is now known for it's wide variety of high-quality speciality coffees.

We wanted to reflect the rich history of Yorkshire in our coffees and also make them absolutely delicious so you can make the most out of your caffeine boost!

You can find all our new coffees here.

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