Yorkshire Flag Fold-Up Face Covering

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Perfect for when you’re out and about, this handy mask folds up neatly into a square zip-up pouch which comes with both a split ring attachment for keys and a lobster clip to allow this to be attached to bags. The mask itself is a double layered face mask consisting of a cotton inner layer and a vibrant colour printed polyester fabric outer layer.

These face masks are for civil, everyday use and should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use to prevent the spreading of germs. Please ensure there is proper airflow when wearing this mask.

These face masks are for Adult use only and not recommended for use by anyone with breathing difficulties or on anybody unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask unassisted.

Should the wearer show any signs of respiratory discomfort, skin allergies or other unusual symptoms whilst wearing the mask, immediately remove and seek medical advice, if necessary. This item is not a replacement for personal protective equipment (PPE) and not intended as a replacement for other recommended measures and guidelines put in place to combat the spread of infectious diseases stipulated by the UK government.

This mask consists of 2 layers: 100% Cotton inner layer and 100% polyester for the outer layer.