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The most popular North Star blend, this has been a best seller over the years having formerly been named after local Leeds landmark the Dark Arches. Following the move of our roasting facility to Leeds Dock, we have now refreshed the name to reflect the home of North Star along with the medium roast level we use for this blend.

North Star have put a lot of work into creating our house blend over the last few years, tinkering with components and percentages until we think it is just right. Their aim has been to create a blend that embraces many of the characteristics of a traditional espresso blend but that embodies principles of specialty coffee working with amazing producers from across the tropics, profiling and roasting their beans to a medium level before carefully blending them to create a characterful cup.

A blend of:

40% Brazil Fazenda Rainha Da Paz
40% EL Salvador Chelazos
20% Sumatra Jagong


Milk Chocolate | Toasted Nuts | Tangerine

250g Bag

Available as Wholebean or Ground for a French Press / Cafetiere.

Please Note: This product is only available in our shop in the Leeds Corn Exchange and unavailable for delivery.