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The Rosedale Luxury Hamper Large Wooden Crate is the ultimate gift package, full to the brim with timeless treats. The Rosedale Hamper covers all bases, offering a selection of 20 of our favourite Cartwright and Butler treats all in one decorative crate bundle.

Discover a selection of Cartwright and Butlers best brews inside the Rosedale Hamper, including traditional breakfast tea, classic earl grey tea and rich full-bodied café York coffee from Yorkshire.

Inside this audaciously large hamper, you will be greeted with an assortment of Cartwright and Butler preserves, including delicious Apricot preserve, smooth acacia honey with honeycomb and the finest Yorkshire chutney, a perfect addition to meat and cheese.

The Rosedale Crate is complimented with an abundance of savoury snacks for you to enjoy, including light and crisp Rosemary focaccia bread thins, full-tasting olive and garlic wheat flatbreads and oven-baked tomato and basil bread thins.

Finally, we arrive at the assortment of mouth-watering sweet treats that the Rosedale Hamper has to offer, a selection of lemon and tangerine slice sweets, Belgian chocolates, crumbling festive butter shortbread and many more treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Although finishing all the delicious treats inside the Rosedale Hamper might seem like making the most of a good thing, the crate and mason jars offer a wide range of reusability, one of our favourite ideas is hanging the crate up as a decorative shelf with the rope handles, and then placing the mason jars on the shelf with decorative tealights inside them to give off a warm ambient glow.

The Rosedale Luxury Hamper Large Wooden Crate contains:

Mint Imperials
Classic mint, covered in a crisp sugar coating, crumbly centre flavoured with clean, sharp refreshing taste of peppermint oil

Lemon & Tangerine Slices
Hard-boiled sweets, lemon and tangerine flavour, presented in signature clip-top jar with ceramic lid

Crystallised Ginger in Dark Chocolate
Classic combination, quality ingredients, smooth dark chocolate, finest crystallised ginger, presented in signature clip-top jar

Fine Cut English Breakfast Marmalade
Perfect balance of sweet and bitter, uses 100% Seville oranges, presented in one of our signature clip top jars

Yorkshire Chutney
Our favourite chutney, based on a traditional Yorkshire recipe, works equally well with meat, cheese and pies, presented in one of our signature clip-top jars

Apricot Preserve
Captures the essence of summer, captures apricots delicate sweetness, versatile in baking, breakfast topping, porridge or yoghurt

Acacia Honey with Comb
Featured in The Independent's 10 Best Honeys (2018), Mild honey with a delicate floral taste, presented in a signature clip-top jar

Earl Grey Tea
Blend of Ceylon black tea and bergamot, smooth light taste, citrusy finish, each pack contains 30 string & tag teabags

English Breakfast Tea
Robust, full-bodied black leaf flavour with deep malty undertones and a rich finish

Rosemary Focaccia Bread Thins
Light and crisp, inspired by Italian focaccia, flavoured with rosemary and salt, perfect with hard cheese and dips

Tomato & Basil Wheat Flatbreads
Oven-baked for extra crunch, deliciously light flatbreads

Café York Blend Coffee
Medium roast 100% arabica coffee, medium-bodied, clean taste and complex finish

Maple & Pecan Dark Chocolate Digestives in a Gift Tin
A twist on a classic, all-butter biscuits, generous chunks of maple and pecans, coated in a rich, dark chocolate

Chocolate Wafer Crispies
Cocoa-nut cream waffles, light and crispy, covered in milk chocolate

Apricot & Fig Loaf Cake in a Gift Tin
A moist, lightly spiced, fruit-packed cake boasting 40% sultanas, presented in one of our signature tins

Belgian Chocolates Selection in a Gift Tin
Milk, dark and white chocolates, made for sharing, ideal as petit fours, presented in one of our signature metal tins

Olive & Garlic Wheat Flatbreads
Perfect amount of crunch and flavour, excellent for dipping, oven-baked for extra crunch, olive and garlic flavour

Chocolate Oat Crumbles
Our classic recipe combines the perfect amount of butter and oats for a creamy, crumbly biscuit, one side coated in smooth milk chocolate

Butter Shortbread
All butter shortbread, contains around 10 biscuits, no artificial flavours or preservatives

Coconut & Macadamia Nut Crumbles in a Gift Tin
All butter recipe, generous chunks of coconut & macadamia nut, crumbly biscuit, presented in tall clip top tin

All beautifully presented in a large wooden crate.


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