Shave Oil

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Designed to moisturise your beard prior to applying shaving cream and so providing a better razor glide over your skin.

The shave oil helps your razor do all the hard work, giving you an enjoyable, smoother shaving experience, eliminating those nasty, unsightly, painful nicks and bumps.

Taking the time to relax when you can is important. Sandalwood and vanilla both have relaxing and de-stressing properties.

Using this thick shave oil will allow the blade to glide easily over your skin. This will reduce irritation, nicks and bumps. 

Apothecary 87 use carefully chosen oils within the shave oil that are great at keeping your skin hydrated. Who wants to end up with a dry, shaved face and skin like the surface of the Sahara Desert?

Should the worst happen and you nick yourself, this shave oil have is developed to have nature’s best combination of oils with antiseptic properties.