Moustache Wax

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If you’re wanting your whiskers kept in line or to curl your moustache into a handlebar, then this moustache wax is just the thing for you.

Apothecary 87 found that the moustache was positioned slightly below your nose. As this is where smells go, we decided the soft, relaxing scent of sandalwood and vanilla should be used to keep your sniffer on its toes, without being overpowering.

The wax has a firm hold but doesn't sacrifice the ease in applying it from finger to your moustache.

Did you know that beeswax can be used to naturally stimulate hair growth. So for that amazing lip fur look, they have spared no expense and included it in the moustache wax just for you. Did you know it is also beneficial in protecting the hair from environmental damage.

There’s nothing worse than a droopy moustache by lunchtime. With this in mind, it’s designed to keep a firm, re-workable hold all day.