A photograph of the Yorkshire flag, a blue flag with a stylised white rose at the centre of it, waving against the backdrop of a blue sky.

Get Your Flags Ready, It's Yorkshire Day!

Mark the 1st August in your diaries as Yorkshire Day!

Initially established in 1975 by the Yorkshire Riding Society as a 'protest against the local government re-organisation', it is now a day to fly the Yorkshire flag and celebrate everything that makes Yorkshire unique.

The date, 1st August, was chosen because it is the date the Yorkshire soldiers picked white roses to commemorate their fallen comrades in the Battle of Minden in Germany. It also coincidentally falls on the same day that the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 was passed, officially abolishing slavery in most British colonies. This was an Act that Yorkshire MP William Wilberforce had strongly campaigned for. 

The first Yorkshire Day was hosted in Beverley, since then it has grown in popularity now being celebrated in most Yorkshire town and cities. While it was originally a protest movement, it is now a celebration with live entertainment from local businesses, and creatives and delicious food! Amongst the celebration there is a civic gathering of lord mayors, mayors and other civic heads from across the county, convened by the Yorkshire Society. 

Each year a different city hosts the civic gathering and the main events, for 2021 York will be the host!

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